Jeffrey Manning


An auctioneer since childhood and president of a west coast regional general contracting group, Jeff combines his talent for bid and building as CEO of Luxea Global Auctions. 

Jeff has led a company that has built millions of square feet of commercial real estate. He has helped raise millions of dollars and increase awareness for countless community organizations as an auctioneer. He knows what it takes to motivate a buyer and how to craft an experience that benefits the seller. Jeff is an active member of the National Auctioneers Association, Champion Auctioneer Summit Auction participant with the Barret Jackson auction team, an auction coach, and a U.S. Bid Calling Championship participant and a NAA Benefit Auctioneer Specialist.  He is a motivational influencer and a published author. 

His face may seem familiar, and that’s because it is. You can see Jeff in television and movie appearances with actors such as Nicholas Cage and Elijah Wood.  

Le’Vegue Magazine named him Las Vegas Top 25 most “Beautiful” People 2017 for his community service, and he is a two-year honoree 2016 & 2017 of Las Vegas Magazine’s Top 100 Men of the Year. 


  • Luckily nobody was in the sports arena at the time.
  • Architects design all kinds of buildings.
  • A school will need many medium-sized rooms for classrooms.
  • Travelling regularly to building sites.
  • The building was a sports arena with a large, curved roof.
  • Another architect might like to design buildings that look sleek.

Professional Skills

Interior Design
90 %
70 %
3D Skills
85 %
95 %

Diversity of Experience

The client, a young video maker with difficulties getting onto the housing ladder due to Dublin housing shortages, was given the opportunity to build a house in the back garden where once stood the tree house he used to play in as child. The awkward triangular shape of the site generated the pure triangular plan of the house surrounded by three gardens; an entrance garden to the north, a breakfast garden to the east and green garden to the south.

One example is the office building in Hochstrasse (1988), where “the language of neo-modernism gives way to a minimalist expressive system”. This was followed by a series of projects (the Fides Building, Building in Picassoplatz, SBV Training Centre) in which the tension of construction (implemented primarily through particular ways of working with windows and doors) reveal the studio’s focus on plastic and morphological issues.With Italian influences (A. Rossi, G. Grassi), Diener & Diener’s urban projects aim to “give single large, anonymous constructions a metaphysical presence”.

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