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12 Ways Luxea Makes Real Estate Auctions the Best Experience Possible for Buyers and Sellers

By Jeff Manning

At Luxea, we’re focused on redefining the real estate auction experience to better connect with buyers and sellers through innovation and transparency. Whether you use our platform to buy or sell luxury real estate, no matter how you define it, you’ll see first-hand how we customize every successful property sale using our multi-platform approach to connect people and properties.

Our approach to real estate auctions creates a comfortable environment for buyers and sellers to know where they’re at throughout the entire process. As leaders, we firmly believe in assuming the associated risks with buying and selling a home.

Using our multi-platform model, we develop creative solutions for consumers with over-the-top marketing strategies. People can now envision themselves in one of our destination properties from the comfort of their living room by taking a video tour online.

Compared to some other luxury real estate auction companies, Luxea will never ask sellers to front the cost of marketing their property. Besides the standard cost of selling a home, the seller can expect standard closing procedures.

We understand cancellations may happen—at Luxea, there is no breakup fee. With open lines of communication, we’re able to share real-time information with sellers to minimize any concerns.

Luxury auctions also offer peace of mind to sellers and buyers. As auctions are online a few weeks before the final sale date, each party knows if the home or property’s minimum amount is met. Depending on the reserve, the seller can pursue an offer or cancel it at no cost.

With buyer premiums as low as five percent, every party involved can walk away feeling joy. By focusing on people first, Luxea brings fairness to the equation. We want to provide buyers and sellers with an unforgettable experience where memories are made and dreams are spun.

The Luxea difference

Here are the 12 ways we buck the trend when it comes to fees, contracts, and other aspects of the auction process, by offering:

  1. The best contract terms in the industry
  2. The best online multi-offer/bidding software in the industry
  3. A transparent multiple offer platform allows buyers to make the best offers and real-time decisions
  4. No upfront marketing fees
  5. A full, digital marketing package including photography, video production, social media ads, and sales campaign
  6. Metrics and real-time feedback on marketing campaign performance
  7. No punitive breakup fees
  8. Buyer premiums as low as 5% and never greater than 10%
  9. Opening bid incentives to buyers
  10. A worldwide-database of Realtors and buyers in luxury real estate
  11. Honored and protected brokers and agents’ commissions that are paid as a normal close
  12. Hands-on leadership from our executive team

Find or list your dream property with Luxea today

If you want to find out more about luxury real estate auctions and what Luxea does differently, call us today at 1-844-367-7653 or visit our website.