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Redefine Luxury Home Buying in Terms of Your Best Life

By Jeff Manning

Recently one of our clients came to us concerned with selling her $5 million ranch within the luxury real estate market.

“This isn’t luxury living,” she said. “This is a ranch. And a ranch is a lot of work.”

I responded, “For people who’ve always dreamed of having a ranch, owning one defines luxury living.”
Then it dawned on her. Ranch life was one she had chosen to live. She hadn’t considered her choice a luxury until she realized she could have decided on so many other life paths.

At Luxea Global Auctions, we are in the business of shifting perspectives and reinventing dreams, especially when it comes to buying and selling luxury real estate. As the pandemic continues to reroute how life unfolds for each and every one of us, we view this time as an opportunity to reconsider how we want to live instead of how we think we should live. It’s a time of redefining what life and luxury mean. We believe that luxury arises from creating a life that you love.

It’s About Preferences Over Prices
At Luxea, we focus home-owning on home-choosing. Suppose you have spent the past six months cramped inside a small apartment where your daily green space therapy consists of the potted plant on the windowsill. In that case, a cabin alongside thick fall foliage overlooking a rushing river might be your newest interpretation of luxury real estate.

Traditionally, people defined high living by the dollar sign attached. But by today’s standards, $2 million will buy you a condo in some places while it will get you a lake house with a view in others. Opulence doesn’t equal the mortgage tag. In fact, it’s much more akin to feeling the freedom to live the life you want where choice becomes one of the greatest luxuries you can experience.

Break Misconceptions in Every Square Foot
Downsizing square footage, also known as rightsizing, allows for luxuriating each square. Maybe your 15,000 feet of vacant guest rooms and unused garage space transforms into 2,000 square feet of cherrywood stairways, imported Italian marble, and a home office with a view. It’s your life, and if you shift away from the social norms ideating luxury real estate to loving every corner of your home, you’ve redefined luxury living.

Enjoying Your Life Defines Luxurious Living
Bogging yourself down with excess doesn’t equate to a higher standard of living. Sharing experiences in your perfect home forms the bedrock of extravagance. Cooking dinners for loved ones, daily yoga sessions in your personal gym, and remote working overlooking your veranda view of the Golden Gate Bridge or the Great Wall of China might bring you more joy than a six-car garage and indoor swimming pool.

Opportunities for luxury home sellers stem from the subjective ways in which people want to live their lives. Just the other day, I spent the morning viewing a $12 million home and the afternoon having a picnic in a state park full of sunshine and greenery. We want to help you find the feel of luxury living in how you live your life every day.

Invest and Luxuriate in Multi-home Ownership
Instead of one massive compound, many of our clients own multiple estates across the world. We define this as true luxury living. Why see the same sunset day after day when you can view five different ones alongside five different climates, communities, and cuisines. We also view this as an opportunity to grow your wealth portfolio toward more diversified financial independence.

Luxury Living Trends Toward Freedom, Lifestyle, and Experience
One of our favorite clients recently sold his large estate and yacht for a customized truck and 45-foot trailer. He decided on a year of remote work glamping across the country with his girlfriend and his dog.

At Luxea, we auction assets that empower people to spend their time on this planet in ways that make them happiest. Whether it’s waking up to river-canyon fly fishing, decompressing after work rock climbing red and white sandstone, or opening morning emails in the Yosemite Valley, we want to help you define luxury in terms of your best life.

Let us help you redefine luxury living for the life you want to live. To learn more about Luxea and how we can help luxury home buyers and sellers, click here.

6 Trends For Luxury Home Buyers That Sellers Need To Know

By Jeff Manning

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped how we think about real estate and office space, and this is especially true for luxury home buyers. It has allowed us to reimagine the importance of our homes and how we want to live. At Luxea Global Auctions, we have recently seen a few trends happening in the luxury real estate market around this shift. Here are six we think should be on your radar.

Migration Patterns Showing Massive Moves
Current migration patterns show people moving away from big cities and seeking property where they can pay less in taxes and get more real estate bang for their buck. Luxury home buyers no longer need to be near the office in a large, expensive city. Instead, they can use the money they would spend on a condominium in a metropolitan area toward a larger home and property in a more rural one.

Luxury Home Buyers Match Their Homes To Their Hobbies
Like horses? Want to garden? Enjoy fly fishing? As more people work remotely, more people want homes that match their lifestyles and hobbies. At Luxea, we use insights from social media and other digital tools to help match luxury home buyers with the right home that fits their favorite activities. We can help them find a homestead in upstate New York, an estate with a home office overlooking an equestrian pasture from Central Oregon, or a spacious compound on Salmon River in Idaho for avid anglers. For luxury home sellers, our auction process, marketing, and technology facilities a smooth, predictable, and profitable sale by finding precisely the right buyers.

Home Amenities Are More Important Than Ever
The more time people spend at home, the more they want to have beautiful offices, gyms, and gourmet kitchens within arm’s reach. As this giant shift to remote work may become a long-standing reality, sellers with homes that include these amenities can be in an extremely profitable position. At Luxea, we amplify that advantage by holding a luxury home auction that helps sellers auction their home easily, quickly, and profitably.

Creating Space For Furry Friends
Animal shelter adoptions have skyrocketed since the remote-work revolution of the pandemic. As people change their lifestyles to make room for animal companions, the space they need changes as well. After all, doesn’t Fido need a room with a view, too?

Falling In Love With Nature All Over Again
As people realize they don’t have to live in urban centers and can move out to the country again, many are experiencing a rekindling with nature. They’re seeking landscapes and surroundings that fit their expansive dreams, like the saguaros in Sedona, waterfalls in Olympia, or fall-colored forests in Burlington.

Living Closer By Choice
We have recently seen the trend of intentional communal situations in luxury co-living. This runs the gamut from families who want to be closer, to long-standing groups of friends purchasing hundreds of acres of land to build properties near each other.

As the world continues to adjust and adapt to the pandemic’s long-lasting changes, luxury buyers and sellers will also change how they view real estate. Through it all, we’re all learning how vital home really is. Wherever you are, and wherever you want to be, at Luxea, we want to help you find exactly what you need exactly where you need it. To learn more about Luxea, and how we can help luxury home buyers and sellers, click here.